Placement Assistance

In this highly competitive world, each and every one is on an endeavour to carve out a place for themselves. Making a mark in this rat race is not an easy task. In this quest for one's identity, one needs to choose the right career for themselves along with the right training.

Unemployment is one of the greatest problems facing our country. To overcome this problem, the candidates need the right portal in order to showcase their talent. The requirement of an organisation needs the right skillset with a polished CV, furnished with the latest inline requirements of the industry to greatly increase the chances of hiring.

We are here to offer all the fresher’s and experienced job seekers a grand opportunity. SkillPlus provides you with the right platform to excel in your respective fields.

We offer placement assistance to candidates both fresher and experienced to a chain of organisations and agencies which are linked with us to ensure that your skills and talent reaches out to the right parties.

1) The foremost and key step is to make a candidates CV attractive, we pay key attention to this aspect by analysing the strengths and interests of the candidate to craft the CV so as to showcase their abilities in the right light.

2) Cracking interviews at the very first go is not that easy for a fresher, we provide mock interview sessions to stimulate the whole interview experience. We also provide expert assistance and tips to further enhance your chances. We also provide placement prep series by our experts in their scheduled sessions.

Choosing the right career is the most challenging thing. Work does not remain merely work when you love what you do. It becomes a part of your system which emanates positive vibes. We help the candidates to discover their area of interest and also groom them so as to make them a best fit for any organization.

An amalgam of this placement assistance along with our fully developed ERP based training course we aim to provide our students a highly increased chance of landing their dream job by the virtue of their skills and talent.