Production refers to a process of using materials and labour for making products for customers. It is based on the specifications which are demanded by customers. Products should be built in highly cost complimentary manner for producing repeatable supreme quality standards of products and make sure of on-time product delivery.  It is imperative to achieve a positive as well as energetic production environment for achieving an elevated efficiency level with the work force available to achieve high housekeeping standards.

Item masters

  • Bills of materials
  • Routing (process) creation and completion
  • Setting up standard time of assemblies, create work flow
  • Capacity planning and capacity levelling
  • Production order management (create, change, complete)
  • Production and factory efficiency
  • Production costs (labor, production overhead cost) and cost reduction
  • Establish production KPI’s
  • 5S, 8D and housekeeping
  • Continuous improvement (CI) culture
  • Labor management, legal and compliance to companies act and other government-Agencies

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The methods and processes are utilized for transforming tangible inputs ( semi-finished goods, raw materials, sub-assemblies) as well as intangible inputs ( information, ideas as well as knowledge) into services. Resources are utilized in the process for creating an output which is needed for using or exchanging value.

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