About Us

India possess the largest youth population in the world. With over a million graduates coming out of universities and colleges every year, the competition in the job market has grown at an extreme steep pace.

Opportunities have become hard to come by with employment markets getting over populated organizations are looking for skilled employees to save on time and productivity in such a fast moving market.


We at SkillPlus - as an organization step in to breakout this uneven equilibrium of the employment market to create more opportunities for candidates and open up wider spectrum for organizations in various field of exploration. Our aim and vision protrudes at gaining a symbolic serene in the job market not only by providing government and private organizations by skilled employees but also employers with a varied jurisdiction of business opportunities with new skill set that the candidates will have while leaving SkillPlus after their ERP based training.

SkillPlus is an organization that provides you with hand on training across various jurisdictions of skills that will provide you with an opportunity to develop your career and fight to phase out your career in this harsh unemployment market.

Our training and development session provides you with an extra edge that the market demand with hands on / on the job training also we help students by facilitating placement opportunities from our institute.

SkillPlus is an all-round career development organization that will help you to create your own opportunity.