Empowering Employees

Anybody who is looking for work would be familiar with the dreaded term ‘'Experience required". It may be one year, two years or more, but that is the reality of the workforce scenario of today. Earning a degree/diploma is not enough in today's day and age. The amount of ‘education' that comes with experience is very hard to replicate in a traditional classroom. Hence there ends up a huge gap between Education and Employment.

But the question that would arise the most is: Why is Experience so important?

From a fresh graduate's perspective, it is hard to be labelled as ‘skilled' without them having gone through a certain time period of Training or Experience. Likewise from an employer's perspective hiring someone who is experienced is less ‘risky' and hardly any employer would take that chance, BUT along with that extra added requirement comes the cost of providing higher pay.There lies the huge problem.

The demand for skilled employees is higher than the supply. In India, skilled workforce is not available in abundance.

If only there was a way of being labelled ‘skilled’ without having to show years and years of experience. Well, SkillPlus is the answer for you; both as an employee and employer.

SkillPlus provides the very same required skills through skill development training, which would overcome the need of providing years of experience . A Fresher or somebody with little experience, once skilled can be hired at say 35% of the cost of hiring an experience skilled equivalent. Skill Plus aims to reduce the cost of running a business by lowering the overhead cost significantly.

The objective of SkillPlus is to be a training partner to the employment industry. It aims to provide Holistic training, to the required customer, covering the full business cycle from sales, to procurement, to production to warehousing to dispatch and invoicing.

The Holistic approach taken by Skill Plus intends to help a trained employee become cross-functionally competent, and be capable of working in any functional areas. It also improves their understanding of other functional areas which will, in turn, make employees appreciate the work accomplished in other areas. Thus initiating better inter-personal skills in the work environment.

A cross-functionally competent employee has better career progression as they are able to work and contribute in more than one department. With the help of SkillPlus, one can be more assured of a quicker integration into the process.

Traditionally the employer would have to provide training to any new employee or fresher but with  Skill Plus there would be almost no training required to be given, which would be time and energy saving.

SkillPlus employers can outsource skill development training thus reducing fixed cost. Typically when companies try to provide in-house training to employees or customers, there are a lot of aspects to be taken care of. Many a time this is more risky, time-consuming, distracting and at the end more costly. Outsourcing the skill development training would mean the company has less liability and responsibility of training and providing skill development. Often times a company does not have the manpower to provide thorough training and an incomplete training ends up being a drain on the resources.

SkillPlus provides customized training according to the employee's choice of a workforce. Customising the training would guarantee that an employee's strengths and weaknesses are taken note of. It helps to enhance an employee's pros and also provides solutions to their cons.